11 Burning Questions We NEED Answered When 'Supergirl' Returns

What really happened on Krypton?

"Supergirl" may be on hiatus for the holidays, but that won't keep us from obsessing over everything we learned — and didn't learn — in the midseason finale.

Here are 11 burning questions we NEED answered when "Supergirl" returns in 2016...

  1. How will Cat and Kara's relationship change now that Cat knows the truth?

    In the moment, Cat's reaction to finding out who Supergirl really is was pretty positive. She thanked Kara for saving her life, and seemed ready to accept Kara for who she is — both with and without the cape. But what will their relationship look like moving forward? Will Kara let Cat into the superhero part of her life? (Because, when Kara called Alex post-discovery, she told her sister that they have a big problem.) How will the relationship between Kara and Cat change now that the cat is out of the bag.

  2. Will we get to meet Cat's other son?

    It seems unlikely that "Supergirl" would just bring up Cat's 24-year-old son and never mention him again. Odds are, Adam Foster is definitely going to come back into Cat's life in some way. And we kind of can't wait.

    OK, so we actually know the answer to this burning question. Adam Foster has already been cast, so that means he will be appearing on "Supergirl." Added bonus: he will be portrayed by Melissa Benoist's husband Blake Jenner. Also, Adam Morgan — the comic book character Adam Foster is presumably based upon — is kidnapped by Toyman, aka Winn's dad in the "Supergirl" universe.

  3. What does Astra want with Maxwell Lord?

    The third act attack on Lord Technologies was a bit unexpected. The only motivation we got for the Fort Rozz prisoners attack was when Non asked Maxwell Lord if he was a champion of Earth. Um, so do they just want to kill Lord or is there more to it than that?

  4. What exactly went down on Krypton?

    So far, the details of what went down on Krypton before its destruction are pretty biased. Kara's remembrances are heavily influenced by the adoration she had for her mother, while Astra's narrative obviously comes with its own agenda. Hopefully, we will get some more backstory when "Supergirl" returns.

  5. What other powers does J'onn J'onzz have?

    In the midseason finale, we learned that J'onzz can apparently read human (but not Kryptonians') minds. Pretty cool. What else can J'onzz do?

  6. Will Alex tell Kara J'onzz' secret?

    Speaking of Not-Hank Henshaw, we wonder when Kara is going to be let in on the little secret of Not-Hank Henshaw's true identity — and how she will react when she finds out.

  7. Will Winn tell Kara how he feels?

    It's been pretty obvious since the pilot that Winn is carrying a pretty intense torch for our girl Kara and, in the midseason finale, James encouraged Winn to go for it with her. Will Winn finally tell Kara how he feels?

  8. And, if so, how will Kara react?

    Yeah, we're pretty sure that Kara already knows how Winn feels. (Remember that post-Thanksgiving cheek kiss? SO. AWKWARD.) Will Kara react any better when Winn straight-up confesses his true feelings for his BFF?

  9. And, if so, how will James react?

    Sure, James was all: Winn, you should totally date Kara. But we all know that he is not-so-secretly in love with Kara, so we're wondering how he will react if Kara and Winn actually do start seeing each other?

  10. Who will win: Kara or Non?

    Though "Supergirl" dropped about a million plot developments in its midseason ep, it ended with Non and Kara facing off against one another in the midst of the attack against Lord Technologies. Non promised Astra that, if she didn't succeed in killing Kara, he would. Will he try to kill Kara? Are they evenly matched? Will Astra show up to break things up? So many possibilities.

  11. Will Astra's love for Kara keep her from destroying her?

    Some of the best character work that went down in the midseason finale came in the dynamic between Kara and her estranged aunt. Those these two like to pretend they don't care about one another, it's pretty obvious that the reverse is true. How much of Astra's love for Kara was a ploy to keep her distracted and how much was real? Will these two continue to have a complicated relationship? Is there any hope of working things out? We really, really hope "Supergirl" embraces the messy emotions of this entire situation. But we'll have to wait until the new year to see...