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17 Holiday Traditions Only 'Friends' Fans Will Understand

Please tell Joey Christmas will be snowyeeeeyeyeeaaaayyy.

As far as TV holiday episodes go, "Friends" may be best known for its Thanksgiving Buffay buffet, but the series wasn't slack when it came to the more wintry festivities, either.

In fact, we can totally thank our sextet of Central Perk couch-dwellers for a bunch of holiday traditions that'll be there for you (????) this and every season.

  1. The Holiday Armadillo.

    He's Santa's part-Jewish friend! It's verrrry important, however, that the Holiday Armadillo is not treated as a Santa substitute because then the kid's going to think they were bad and probably cry a lot.

  2. Offering toilet seat covers as a legitimate present.

    Also, ribbed condoms, cans of lemon lime soda, wiper blades and new car smell are all acceptable last-minute gifting options.

  3. Letting the "kids" decorate half of the tree.

    ... Just not the display half.

  4. Using the holiday card to slyly move forward.
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    Basically, it's a way to make him/her have the conversation s/he doesn't want to have {"So, where are we?") and to make the gesture s/he doesn't want to make.

  5. Stealing hams from that other office party.
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    Flirting with the second-prettiest girl in Oklahoma optional.

  6. Making a holiday song for your friends.
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    This is in lieu of sitting on Santa's lap and asking him to bring your friends all kinds of crap.

  7. Saving the ugly trees from the chipper so they can fulfill their Christmas Destiny.

    The chipper'll get 'em after they molt some cheer all over your floor. But your hippie friend'll be thrilled, so.

  8. Working the busy corner for charity.
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    Santa's helpers have to have a little edge these days.

  9. Holding space camp in the living room.
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    You don't have to break a brown bird's leg for this to be fun, but bringing cookies to all your friends is cool too.

  10. "The Routine."

    It's a must.

  11. Leaving out Christmas candies for the neighbors.
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    Fair warning: This could create a candy mob situation in the hallway.

  12. Recognizing Christmas Eve Eve.

    It's a thing, and you know it.

  13. Spying on the lonely neighbor to make sure they've got someone.

    Everybody needs someone for the holidays.

  14. Telling the true story of Superman.

    Krypton? North Pole? Same.

  15. Filling in that last remaining believer on the real deal with Santa Clause.

    It really is time.

  16. Making the apartment ridiculously hot during a party.

    The less clothes the merrier.

  17. Moonlighting as Santa's elf and owning that jam.

    Because jingle toes! Who doesn't love them!?