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8 Artists Who Got Creative With Their Album Title Reveals

Sam Smith teased his in the sand, sort of. He probably found some inspiration with these.

Sam Smith just named his new album, but we can't know what it is. Yet.

On Monday morning (Dec. 14), Sam revealed a bit of his creative process, saying he picks a "working title or message" before anything else takes shape, including the writing -- not unlike his forebear Adele's ritual of writing her age down before she makes new music.

"I just wrote my new album title in the sand. I always start new projects with a working title or message of what I'm trying to say - then the writing flows for me," he wrote in the caption. "So I have the starting point. When I'm finished - I'll reveal the rest of this picture. Then we can see if the message stayed the same (I change my mind a lot) xx"

So, Sam has the creative impulse, but he's not letting us see the title until he's "finished," presumably with writing and maybe even recording the follow-up to 2014's In The Lonely Hour.

This got us thinking of some other creative album-title reveals Sam's contemporaries in the pop game have employed throughout the years. Will his eventual unveiling be as grand as these?

  • Justin Bieber's Purpose Tattoo

    Back when Justin's fourth album was still very much a mystery in October, the "What Do You Mean?" singer cryptically revealed its title by literally getting it inked onto his stomach -- and then Instagramming a flipped photo of it.

  • Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Tattoo

    JB was hardly the first to go bold with a tattooed album title. Lady Gaga shared this pic of her inked arm in 2012, more than a year before the ARTPOP album actually dropped.

  • Katy Perry's Prism Truck

    Ah, 2013. The simpler times when you didn't need to tattoo yourself to tease a new record -- all you needed was a gigantic gold semi-truck rolling down the block. And Katy played it coy about the whole thing on social media, which was hilarious.

  • Rihanna's ANTI Private Event

    Nowadays, pop artists can simply tweet out the album covers and titles to their millions of fans, letting the news loose on the world with little fanfare. But Rihanna is not most pop artists, so she lined up a private viewing event in Los Angeles to unveil the ANTI title and the artwork, created by Roy Nachum, back in October.

  • Kanye West's SWISH Fake-Out

    We don't have the ninth Yeezy LP yet, and frankly, Kanye's tired of people asking about it. But can he really blame anyone? In Feburary, he formally announced his next album would be called So Help Me God, only to change his mind in May. As it stands, the LP is called SWISH, but as Kanye himself said, "I might change it again but that's the name now."

  • Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail Invasion

    During game five of the 2013 NBA Finals in June, a Samsung commercial aired that had ulterior motives -- it also doubled as a promo teaser for Jay Z's then-upcoming album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. The album dropped less than a month later.

  • Beyoncé's Surprise Release Reinvention

    Before Dec. 13, 2013, the concept of releasing an album without any advance promotion seemed like a bonkers, super indie and basically avant-garde idea. Then Beyoncé dropped Beyoncé, and now surprise releases have become a staple of the Internet music age. That's why the title had to be her name: How far would it have gone without that recognition? (Answer: far, but it went even farther because it was her name.) Since then, who hasn't at least thought of surprise-releasing an album or swiped the idea altogether?