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6 Reasons Jared Leto Is The Perfect Face For Gucci's New Fragrance

And what a face he has...

Jared Leto is a man of many talents and interests, a true modern-day Renaissance man. He's acclaimed for his acting and music careers, and is lauded by pretty much everyone in the fashion industry for basically being him. If you need hard proof, look no further than his most recent gig as the face of Gucci's new fragrance "Gucci Guilty." By now Jared's a seasoned pro in the fashion industry, and he continues to be way ahead of all your favorite trends. Here are just a few reasons he's the perfect man to front this high fashion campaign.

  1. His Hugo Boss "Red" Campaign
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    This isn't the first time he'll be the smoldering face of a fragrance. Back in 2012 he did the same for Hugo Boss "Red."

  2. Trendsetting With Kim Kardashian
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    And lest we forget the truly iconic moment when Kim Kardashian and Jared showed up to the Balmain show with matching platinum blond hair.

  3. His Efforts In The Art Of The Man Bun
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    Alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto is credited with being one of the first dudes to introduce us to the man bun. And what a bun this man's is. Yes, man buns can be formal. Please see above.

  4. His Ombré
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    Never one to shy away from trying out a hair trend, Jared's ombré was probably one of the best we've ever seen.

  5. He's Basically Karl Lagerfeld's Best Friend
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    Jared's a mainstay at Chanel shows, and even hangs out with Karl Lagerfeld backstage while they both wear sunglasses indoors. True friendship. And a valuable vote of confidence from a fashion legend.

  6. His Early Cosign Of Balenciaga's New Creative Director
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    Back when Demna Gvasalia was just the designer of Vetements, Jared hit up his show alongside Kanye West. Months later, Demna was announced as the new Creative Director of Balenciaga. Coincidence? Nope, Jared is ahead of the curve.