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What Were The Best Pop Music Moments In 2015? Vote Here

When 'Bad Blood' blew us away? When Ed Sheeran put his dancing shoes on?

In a year characterized by pop stars beefing back with their trolls (as much as they beefed with each other), transforming in front of our very eyes and actually staying relatively out of the spotlight in some cases, 2015 had no shortage of breakout moments.

In fact, there's a dozen or more moments we could stack up right here and call the absolute *best* one of the year without any hesitation. But that wouldn't tell the whole story of 2015. We all know it.

No, to truly find the best moment of the year -- the one that spawned the biggest buzz, or most advanced someone's career, or gave us the realest emotional reaction -- we have to put it to a vote. That's why we've compiled a bunch of 2015's defining moments and left it up to you. Vote for your favorites below! Swipe left for no and right for yes.