Ashton Kutcher Just Shared A Mini 'That 70s Show' Reunion Photo

I said good day.

While nothing will top Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's totally destined-to-be marriage (Jackie + Kelso 4EVA!!) as far as "That 70s Show" reunions go, we're always down to see the original cast hanging together – it gives us a feeling of The Circle-esque giddiness to know they're all still super close.

And while we're eagerly awaiting the pairing of Kutcher and Danny Masterson in the upcoming Netflix comedy "The Ranch," Kutcher was kind enough to tide us over with a mini-reunion via his Instagram. Behold: Fez, Kelso and Hyde, bro-ing out!

Kutcher captioned the snap "Fam," which totally gives us the warm fuzzies. Or maybe it's just those special brownies we bought from Hyde at the Forman's garage sale the other day...