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Lies Presidential Candidates Told This Week: The Bizarre Reason Bush Won't Block No-Fly Listers From Buying Guns

Also: Cruz hits Rubio on fake immigration stance, and Clinton overreaches in Cruz contraception slam.

It was another week of Trumpmania, where the dozen-plus other candidates running for president had to gasp for the tiny bit of remaining media air after the seemingly unstoppable Republican nominee hogged it all, thanks to his widely panned plan to curtain all immigration by Muslims to America.

But, because you can't just lie down and give up, everyone was still out there trying to be heard and telling America all kinds of nonsense stories, which we've kindly collected in this edition of "Lies Presidential Candidates Told This Week."

We've rated their truth-bending on our patented 1-5 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ scale:

Bush Gives A Bogus Reason For Not Blocking Terrorists On The No-Fly List From Buying Guns


The Lie: Despite two more mass shootings that shocked the nation -- at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Denver and, less than a week later, in San Bernardino -- Republicans in Congress refused to move on new gun legislation. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush repeated the often debunked story that the reason we should not block the sale of guns to known or suspected terrorists is because sometimes people like late Sen. Ted Kennedy end up on those lists by accident.

The Truth: The TSA has branded that story a myth, explaining that Kennedy was "misidentified" as being on a "selectee list" and after additional screening was cleared to board his flight. The Kennedy claim came after Obama said he was interested in Congress acting to "make sure no one on a no-fly list is able to buy a gun. What could possibly be the argument for allowing a terrorist suspect to buy a semi-automatic weapon? This is a matter of national security."

Bush, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul all spoke out against the plan, citing the fake Kennedy story.

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Cruz Hits Rubio On Immigration By Dragging Syrian Refugees Into The Mix

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The Lie: One of the most reliable ways the other Republican candidates have found to bash Marco Rubio is by bringing up his former support for an immigration plan that would have included amnesty for some people illegally in the U.S. This week, Sen. Ted Cruz claimed that the 2013 immigration bill Rubio co-sponsored "would have dramatically expanded President Obama’s authority to admit Syrian refugees with no background checks whatsoever. Now that is a serious threat to our nationally security."

The Truth: According to, the bill he's referring to, S. 744, "would have made it easier for members of certain groups designated by the President to qualify as refugees, but they would still be subject to the required screening process of refugees before they could come to the U.S." Cruz reportedly based his claims in part on a questionable opinion piece written by Conservative Review Senior Editor Daniel Horowitz.

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Hillary Clinton Stretched The Reality Of Cruz's Abortion Votes

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The Lie: In a recent post on her campaign site (which was not technically this week, but is still worth noting), Clinton's team claimed that Cruz tried to ban women's access to contraception five times, shortly after Cruz made a head-scratching claim about how easy it was in his day to get condoms on college campus.

The Truth: According to Politifact, which looked at the five instances cited by the site, "none of the Clinton campaigns examples supports the idea that Cruz seeks a flat-out ban on contraception."

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