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A Genius Team Of Inventors Built A Chicken McNugget Dispenser Out Of Legos

Because apparently we needed one of these.

Legos have long been the go-to building material for imaginative architects. Recently, a team of European inventors took Lego innovation to a whole new level. The brilliant minds at Astonishing Studios constructed a functioning Chicken McNugget dispenser.

As the video below demonstrates, the machine can even tell the difference between 2 Euro coins (which it accepts) and other coins (which it rejects). This impressive feature is accomplished by way of a small ramp that will...

  • Drop smaller coins:
  • And allow the larger 2 Euro to pass:
  • Once money has been inserted, the machine dispenses a box of nuggets:
  • Which have handily been stocked like so:

Check out the entire video, with a more detailed explanation of the device's wizardry here:

And now we're hungry.

H/T Mashable