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Gwen Stefani's Latest Selfie Proves She's Drinking Unicorn Blood

She's got actual magic going on right now.

Whether she's repping the hipster coin dress look, rocking sideburn braids, or going full-on Marilyn Monroe with it, there's no doubt Gwen Stefani is the very definition of ~style~.

And even though she's 46 (or so we're told), she's basically spent the last 20 years standing firmly on the proverbial pause button and simply refuses to age. Ever. Like, she's the kinda girl who can whip out the old "oh, I stopped having birthdays at 29" phrase and we would completely believe her.

And guess what, guys? It has zero to do with make-up, too, so feel free to turn full green with envy accordingly.

"The Voice" star shared this cosmetics-free selfie on Wednesday (Dec. 9) that proves once and for all that not only is Gwen a natural stunner, but she also literally wakes up that way.

It's just not fair how exquisite this chick is. Nope nope nope.

Also? Whatever youth juice she's clearly gotten her hands on, is it available wholesale?