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Essena O'Neill's Childhood Photos Illustrate Just How Much Social Media Can Change You

She's back, baby.

The infamous former Instagram model Essena O'Neill is back, and for someone who quit social media, she's done a great job of getting her message out there. In the latest installment of her Vimeo webseries "Behind The Image," O'Neill tackles what to wear -- and it's not as simple as fashion tips.

In the video (uploaded Dec. 7), O'Neill reflects on pictures and clothing choices from a less glamorous time, before she fell into modeling on Instagram. "I felt really big and unattractive growing up," she recounts about her awkward years growing up, showing the photos to prove it.

Then O'Neill reveals a more provocative image in a crop top at age 14, and the contrast is striking. Acknowledging the seemingly overnight transformation she asks, "How did this happen?"

Essena O'Neill/Vimeo

It may not seem like it matters how O'Neill got into posting pictures of herself on social media, because she's stopped. But for other young girls who may feel pressure to do the same, it matters a whole lot. And that's seems to be why O'Neill is speaking out in the first place — to tell young girls that they don't have to spend time worrying about this if they don't really want to.

That's advice we all could use. Watch the full video below.

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