Matt Healy Didn't Plan Making Out With Harry Styles For The 1975's Video -- He Just Did It

A little spontaneous kissing never hurt a piece of cardboard.

When Rita Ora got a text from Matt Healy from The 1975, she knew something dirty might happen -- but not in the "Hotline Bling"/booty call sense.

See, Matty was looking to recruit people for his Diane Martel-directed "Love Me" video, and Rita was on his mind. Except he didn't need Rita to actually be on set -- he just needed permission to use a cardboard cutout of her.

"I texted Rita and said, 'Can I put you in a video?' And she said, 'Yeah, as long as you don't hump me,'" Healy told us, sweater-clad and peeling off some beige gloves. "I'm pretty sure I did."

When it comes to the final cut of the video, you don't see Matty thrusting on Rita Ora's figurine, but you will see him getting all mating-Chihuahua on guitarist Adam Hann.

"I humped everything in that video. I go around humping everything, licking everything," he said. He also licks a model's foot in a hot tub, tries to moonwalk and spits champagne. The video reflects the sentiment of the song -- that we can't have real relationships if everyone is just thirsty for online attention. The cardboard cutouts represent the 2-D world many people are wrapped up in and the delusional thoughts that all fans can be BFFs with celebrities.

Speaking of being BFFs with celebrities, Matty said he couldn't get in touch with Taylor Swift (who's a fan of the band), but he got permission from Ed Sheeran and One Direction's Harry Styles.

"Here's the thing, I thought it would be easy, but they're so boring," Healy said about getting his celeb friends to sign off on the project. "People are so boring. They worry about so much stuff."

So, since Harry was cool with his likeness being used, was he OK with being slobbered on?

"I didn't know I was gonna make out with them. I just did it," Matty said in defense. "None of my makeout sessions are ever planned."