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13 Times Everyone On 'The Flash' Loved Christmas So Hard

Happy holidays, Central City.

At first glance, "The Flash" might not be a particularly Christmas-y show, but — when you actually start to think about it — this superhero drama is composed almost entirely of good cheer. This means that, come the annual yuletide-themed episode, "The Flash" (and its characters) do not take Christmas lightly.

Here were 13 times everyone on "The Flash" — even the villains — loved Christmas so hard.

  1. That time Zoom crossed the multiverse just to wish Harry a "Merry Christmas."

    What a festive guy.

  2. That time Iris fought someone off for a Flash doll.

    Iris West will have her Christmas prize.

  3. That time Weather Wizard broke Trickster and Captain Cold out of jail for Christmas.

    OK, so he didn't explicitly state that it was their early Christmas presents, but I think it was pretty heavily implied.

  4. That time Barry and Iris dreamed of a white Chrismtas.

    Oh, you sweet cinnamon rolls.

  5. That time the West-Allens were NOT messing around with their holiday decor.

    "Um, do you think that's too many reindeer?" "Nope."

  6. That time Captain Cold wanted some of the West's holiday hot cocoa.

    Would have been better with marshmallows.

  7. That time Trickster made ALL of the Christmas puns.
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    Trickster is so not ashamed of his Christmas love.

  8. That time Barry used Christmas lights to tie Trickster up.

    What? They were lying around. (Also, they look nice.)

  9. That time Central City had a Flash-themed ornament.

    We get it, Central City. You love The Flash.

  10. That time Joe and Barry hugged it out for the holidays.

    Oh wait, they do that every day of the year and it makes us cry EVERY. TIME.

  11. That time Patty unironically rocked this sweater.

    Please let that actually be a matching one as Barry's present.

  12. That time Caitlin knew a Christmas-themed opportunity when she saw one.

    Bless this one's persistence.

  13. That time Wally West crashed his secret family's holiday party.

    He heard the West-Allens have the best hot cocoa in town.