The 1975’s Matt Healy Explains Why He Won’t Be Wearing Makeup On Tour


When I close my eyes at night, The 1975's video for "Love Me" plays. That's partly because the image of frontman Matt Healy licking feet in a champagne hot tub is not something you ever unsee, but mostly because it is a striking visual departure from where the band has been. Whereas their self-titled debut was characterized with stark black-and-white monochrome, the attitude for The 1975's sophomore offering is decidedly more colorful. Just ahead of the announcement of the band's North American headlining tour for I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, MTV News talked to Matty about the new (very pink) look.

Along with asking him to unpack the collaboration process of working with iconic director Diane Martel -- who is responsible for the videos for "Blurred Lines," "We Can't Stop," and "Pills N Potions" just to name a few -- we had to press Matty on the new beauty look he experimented with in the video. "I seemed perfect for the video, especially with the visual aesthetic, how it looked -- the soft blue just being part of my look," Matty explained, and without even being prompted, added, "I haven't been wearing makeup live, but that's only because I'm not very good at putting it on."


I, for one, am taking this a sign that I should start collecting YouTube tutorials for all the must-know beauty looks (smoky eye, bold lip, etc.) and tweeting them at Matty. Maybe I misread that conversation, but I think he seemed open to it.