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Hero Photoshopper Replaces Guns In Republicans Hands With Giant Dildos

Phallic symbol?

Sometimes a gun isn't just a firearm. Especially when MetaFilter founder Matt Haughey gets his hands on pictures of Republican leaders holding their favorite weapons. In the wake of the San Bernardino killings last week, Haughey updated his GOPDildo Tumblr on Friday (Dec. 4) with images of some of the leading GOP presidential candidates holding their favorite... sex toys.

"It started by a feeling of inaction on the part of politicians," Haughey told MTV News. "I'm reminded of how Obama is very clear after every gun massacre that he's angry, upset and disappointed in Congress over their collective inaction and kowtowing to the NRA. I feel exactly the same way."

"And in the wake of San Bernardino (close to where I went to college and Water Ave. was a road I drove often when headed up to the mountains)," Haughey continued, "I saw the right wing not only defending their stupid policies of guns and more guns but doubling down on everything. It's appalling, especially when real people are saying things so terrible you can't even parody it. So that's where I started, by saying, 'This is madness but what can I do to shine a light on it?'"

So far, Haughey said he hasn't heard from any of the campaigns and he explained that there are no pics of Democrats because "the GOP controls Congress on this. No gun control law will ever pass until the GOP gets behind it."

And let him be clear: he has "no problem" with dildos. In fact, he thinks everyone should have one and not feel any shame about it.

"But the guys in the photos I've doctored would feel bad about these shots," said Haughey, who does not own any guns and says he never will. "The photos and the entire project is silly and juvenile but they're embarrassing to their subjects. Also, I hope it shines a light on how stupid these original photos are. I'm trying to deflate any power those images have, by reducing them to nonsense."

He vowed to keep the project up and encouraged anyone who enjoys his 'shopped work: if you see something, send something. "I would like to live in a world where my child shouldn't have to do active shooter drills at her school or ever experience a lockdown," he said.