Sofie Delauw/ Getty Images

9 Gifts Under 20 Bucks That Are Legit Awesome

The temperature might be negative. Your account balance shouldn't be.

Your brother. Your bestie. Your roommate. Gah! The number of people you want to buy something for keeps growing, and your paycheck has stayed exactly the same. Worry not -- here are some small-but-mighty gifts that will wow them and keep you in the black.

  1. Fleece-lined leggings

    Marvels of comfort and warmth like these will become a permanent fixture in her wardrobe the second she puts them on.

  2. Calendar

    Choose something you know they find sexy or funny (dog shaming, perhaps?) Buy a calendar. Voila. Cheap gift that will make them think of you literally every single day.

  3. Coloring book

    Thinking coloring is just for kids is so last year. Give them the gift of unwinding and staying in the lines with one of many adult-geared books like this one.

  4. Yummy candle

    Food scented candles like this one allow you to give the gift of sweetness without ruining anyone's holiday dinner appetite.

  5. Gas gift card

    The open road: a gift anyone can appreciate.

  6. Dog hoodie

    You can't go wrong with bling for Fido or Fidette. Bonus: You get texted a picture when they wear it!

  7. REI Membership

    If you're shopping for someone outdoorsy, an REI membership gets them perks like lifetime membership at the store and money back at the end of each year. (If they already have a membership, get them a gift card here.)

  8. Lip stain or nail polish

    Wild cosmetics like bright colored lipsticks and polish are items that are fun to own, but that we might not actually buy for ourselves. Encourage her to take a bite out of her fear of red lip color with a stain like this one.

  9. Nice water bottle

    Water bottles are a simple yet necessary item that literally every human can use. Some, like these, even allow you to have spa water on the go.