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There's A New Harry Potter Fan Theory About Who Killed Hedwig

Which one you filthy Death Eaters is responsible?

The plethora of "Harry Potter" information that we have, thankfully, been inundated with (despite the book series ending in 2007) this year has been remarkable. With each new theory confirmed or debunked, all of us Potter-heads have steadily moved a wee bit closer to the magical world that we never wanted to leave behind in the first place.

And although it's been eight long years since the release of the final "Harry Potter" book and subsequently the deaths of some of our favorite characters, we still crave every last bit of closure we can get. What can we say? We're a fandom obsessed and we'll do anything to quell the curiosity that burns within us.

Of the many, many tragic HP character deaths we've had to endure, one that stood out for a long time was Hedwig's. Now, we all know that J.K. Rowling has previously explained that Hedwig's death was meant to signify the loss of innocence, but one thing we were tragically deprived of in those explanations was who killed Hedwig.

Who are you, you heartless fiend?!

As you no doubt recall, Hedwig's death happens as Harry and the Order attempt to vacate Privet Drive, with six of the crew downing Polyjuice potion and disguising themselves as the "other" Harrys. Tumblr user Jo Marie Walker argues that with a group of seven Potters, Hedwig is a dead giveaway. This is a fact Potter fans will know based on previous conversations between other characters. For instance, when Sirius, Harry's godfather, is in hiding, Harry is expressly told NOT to use Hedwig to deliver letters to him as onlookers would definitely remember a snowy owl ("Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire").

With the issue of Harry's iconic owl at the forefront, Jo Marie Walker continues to explain that the Death Eater that kills Hedwig is none other than Snape.

In her estimation, in an attempt to protect the true Harry's identity, Snape sacrifices Hedwig, thus keeping the other Death Eaters off his scent albeit for only a short time.

It's an interesting theory when you think of the idea that Snape's endgame in the entire series was to keep Harry, "The Boy Who Lived," alive for as long as possible. It adds to the very popular idea that all the convoluted things that have littered our impression of Snape have all been done out of his love for Lily and his want to keep her child alive.

Regardless of what we want to believe, it's still a theory nonetheless -- but we'll be waiting patiently on Twitter until J.K. Rowling confirms or denies its plausibility. Your move, J.K. Your move.

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