Meet The Newest Trend In Holiday Facial Hair: #GlitterBeard

The most festive of follicles.

We here at MTV News take the beard beat very, very seriously. From our extensive coverage of World Beard Day to our tireless reviews of The World Beard and Mustache Championships to our reverence for the famously facial-haired – when it comes to our journalistic coverage, there is no follicle left un-feathered.

And this latest trend in facial hair is no exception – it's even got its own Instagram hashtag. Behold: the #GlitterBeard.

Like an ugly Christmas sweater for your face (but, like, 1000 times harder to take off), it's undoubtedly winter 2015's hottest facial hair trend.

And we're loving the many interpretations.

Want to try the look for yourself? This hilarious tutorial will help get you started!

We have a lot of questions – namely: what's the cleanup like, here? And does it inhibit or encourage under-the-mistletoe makeoutery? Report back, glitter bearders!