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Instagram Your Way To An Early Meeting With The National Zoo's New Baby Panda

Bei is bae.

If you're anything like us, you were glued to social media when The Smithsonian National Zoo's resident panda Mei Xiang miraculously gave birth this past August. Sadly, only one of her babies survived – but little Bei Bei has been thriving and he's almost ready for his big debut.

Which is where you come in – with yet another reason to stay signed on via social! The National Zoo is holding a #PandaStory competition on Instagram, wherein applicants can submit a video about pandas using the contest hashtags and tagging the zoo. Exactly 25 lucky winners will have the chance to canoodle with wee Bei Bei on December 19 – almost a month before the general public.

So don your thinking caps, and do it quickly – the deadline for submissions is Monday, Dec. 7. More details here – good luck, we're counting on you to win so we can live vicariously through your photos and videos – no pressure!