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Fetty Wap Performed At Busta Rhymes' Son's Graduation Party

'It was so beautiful the way he came through and stepped up to the home plate,' Busta says.

Fetty Wap just released a new EP called For My Fans that was, unsurprisingly, created exactly for the folks shouted out in the title. So it's not surprising, either, that Fetty would go out of his way to make sure his people are taken care of.

And that includes Busta Rhymes and his family.

"I fell in love with the brother even more so providing a college graduation party for my older son who was 3 years old in the "Woo Hah!" video in 1996," Busta recently told The Fader. "Now he's 22 years old with a college degree in business marketing. I reached out to Fetty Wap with a request from my son for him to perform. He came through and delivered with no red tape, no hassle, no confusion. It was so beautiful the way he came through and stepped up to the home plate."

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That's Busta's son, T'ziah Wood-Smith, hanging with Fetty and Busta back at the party in June, a party that also featured Fetty posing for pics with Jadakiss.

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Busta further complimented Fetty, saying he appreciated the 24-year-old rapper's dedication to his own "team," featuring them on Fetty's self-titled debut album that dropped in late September.

"I love Fetty Wap's music because that motherf--ker did it his own way! He believed in himself so much and his team, in how sure he was about his music," Busta said. "He put out an album with just him and his guys. Not one superstar outside of him and his immediate crew. He's the only superstar in his crew as of right now, but he set up a platform for himself and his guys to turn the rest of his crew into superstars."

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Both Busta and Fetty are playing Hot 97's Hot For The Holidays concert in New Jersey this weekend.