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MGK Shares Intimate Father-Daughter Moments In The Tearful 'Gone' Video

Off of his General Admission album.

On an album full of personal moments, one of the most pointed comes on Machine Gun Kelly's General Admission track "Gone." A somber, reflective, violin-backed examination of his relationships with his 7-year-old daughter and distant father, the track's two verses display the rawness that makes Kells' fans gravitate toward him.

The accompanying music video, which is directed by Casey McPerry and was released on Friday morning (Dec. 4) at midnight, is just as intimate. A tearful Kells sits alone in a dark room, with footage of family, friends and life on the road as a rap star playing behind him. Then, near the end, he shares home videos of the 25-year-old and his daughter, Casie, as well as pictures of the two of them from throughout her life, and pictures of him and his family from when he was her age.

When I spent the day with him in October, just hours before his album was released, he opened up about his relationship with both of the subjects of the song.

“We haven’t gotten good again,” he said of the state of things between him and his dad. “We’re working towards that. Trying. The career is a gift and a curse. He hates that I’m so honest with certain stuff, but also, he’s proud that I didn’t become a f--k-up like everyone thought I was gonna be when I didn’t wanna go to school.”

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Things are much better than that with Casie -- but he still misses her when he's on the road.

“We love to rock out to music together,” he said. “I love to show her Michael Jackson or get her hip to Nirvana or get her hip to stuff that I believe is gonna be influential in the long run in her life. We like to talk about the way people are, life lessons, books — she’s really into the mind, very inquisitive. And she loves my life and she loves my job.

“She hates my job, because it takes me away, but she loves being around it. She’s always checking in. She feels like the cheerleader for our squad.”

MGK Vevo
MGK Vevo