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The 21 Funniest, Truest And Shadiest Memes That Came From 'The Wiz: Live'

Social media made some hilarious jokes about Dorothy's journey.

NBC's "The Wiz: Live" premiered last night and in addition to stellar ratings, the fantastic production blew up on Twitter and other social media the whole evening.

With so many people live-tweeting the production, there were plenty of hilarious jokes that came out of it -- all in good fun, of course.

See 21 of the best below.

  1. Hey, aren't we missing someone?


  2. Bad idea, Dorothy
  3. We wonder if 'Ye knows
  4. So true...

    ...especially if you're late.

  5. There's always a place for Patti's pies
  6. Like...

    She did just breeze into town and kill two of its citizens within a couple days.

  7. Even celebrities weighed in...
  8. The shaaaaaaade of it all.

  9. On The Wiz's entrance
  10. And on the Wicked Witch's entrance, too


  11. When Ne-Yo inadvertently made us all thirst
  12. It is a long trip, after all

    (Note: Tweet not actually from the Second Lady of these United States.)

  13. Those poppies, tho
  14. When Queen Latifah decided to leave the Emerald City
  15. No, but really ... Queen was AMAZING.

  16. Black Twitter rallied around the all-black production
  17. They really did...
  18. And they descended on the ignorance

    It's fair to point out that the cast of the original "Wizard of Oz" had a 100% white cast.

  19. On a lighter note...

    Uzo was really *the most stunning* Glinda they could ever cast.

  20. ???
  21. But really, with all the fun social media had with "The Wiz: Live"...

    We all know the true benefit of a production like this.