'The Wolverine' Trailer: Five Questions It Answered

Second preview for the 'X-Men' spin-off looks at a fan-favorite character.

The second full-length trailer for "The Wolverine," a follow-up to the first three "X-Men" movies that follows the clawed hero to Japan, has debuted online with a ton of brand-new footage and our first look at some beloved characters from the comic books.

We've watched this trailer forward and backward to dig up every ounce of nerdy goodness. Here's the five things you need to pay the closest attention to this time around.

Why is Jean Grey There?

One of the more interesting rumors that snaked its way through fan conversations over the past few months has been whether Famke Janssen would reprise her role as Jean Grey from the "X-Men" movies. Janssen played coy about reports that she was spotted in Sydney, but a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo in the first trailer confirmed that Jean would return from the grave for "The Wolverine," which we now know takes place after the events of "X-Men: The Last Stand." The new preview gives us a better idea of what capacity Jean will be appearing, since it starts with Wolverine waking from a nightmare featuring his former crush.

Is Wolverine's Healing Factor Really Gone?

How you do stop a mad Wolverine? You take away his ability to heal his wounds rapidly. That's the problem for our main mutant this time around. As a way of thanking Wolverine for saving his life during World War II, a mystery man offers to cure him of his mutation. But the reality comes too late, when Wolverine is shocked to feel the full effects of a gunshot. It doesn't look like Wolvie has lost his powers entirely, but he's certainly working at half-power.

Why is Her Name 'Viper'?

Wolverine's sword-wielding companion Yukio and the face-ripping Viper have shown up in previous trailers and TV spots, but we really get to see them work their deadly magic in the new preview. Yukio disassembles a bar with a few strokes of her katana when trying to bring Wolverine with her to Japan, and Viper, suffice it to say, has a more dexterous tongue than we had been previously led to believe.

Will There Be Ninjas?

The premise of "Wolverine in Japan" seems to promise one thing: ninjas. And in that one regard, the new trailer for "The Wolverine" delivers beyond a doubt. A scene teased near the end of the preview depicts a handful of masked warriors hooking onto Wolverine with chains, until he is strung up from all different directions. We've seen a few more pieces of the scene in other previews of the film, and from the looks of it, we will not be disappointed.

What Will Silver Samurai Look Like?

Of the villains that Wolverine encountered in his travels to Japan, Silver Samurai may have been his fiercest enemy, but also an occasional ally. In "The Wolverine," our first look at the movie version of the character shows a much different Silver Samurai than we're used to. This take on the villain resembles a Tony Stark creation more than a man in ancient Japanese garb.

"The Wolverine" opens in theaters on July 23.

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