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Chris Pratt, Hugh Jackman And 10 Other Superhero Actors With Awkward #TBT Photos

It's officially Thursday, which means approximately two good things are happening: one, of course, is that Friday is rapidly approaching, so you'll have two whole days to live your life the way you actually want to. Yay!

The other good thing, however, is even better -- because ever since the birth of Instagram, Thursday has brought with it an onslaught of beautiful, awkward, beautifully awkward Throwback photos, popularly known as #TBTs. Many people use #TBT as an excuse to post flattering photos of themselves at their finest... and we are of the belief that those people should be ashamed. Shame!

Because what #TBT is really about is us normal folks getting a chance to revel in the past normal-ness of the most non-normal people on Planet Earth: celebrities. And when said celebrities have played larger-than-life superheroes, it's even better. Here are some of our favorites, from Jessica Jones to Star-Lord and back again:

  1. Jessica Jones wasn't always beating up bad guys and seducing Luke Cages, ladies in gents -- because, back in the '90s, she was far too busy slaying TF out of the hands-on-knees look on school picture day. Queen.

  2. Wolverine with a bowl cut can never be unseen.

  3. Hugh Jackman, again

    Ditto for Wolverine with a blonde bowl cut. That cat looks pretty chill, though.

  4. God bless the '90s. God bless Brooke Shields thinking she could try dreads. God bless THAT SLEEVELESS SWEATER.

  5. Bold statement, folks: January, who wasn't exactly a superhero in "X-Men: First Class" but totally counts anyway, is the queen of #TBT. Girlfriend goes there.

  6. January Jones, again

    Honestly, there were just too many good ones not to share.

  7. January Jones, one last time

    That. Hair.

  8. No one show Black Widow.

  9. Jeremy Renner, again

    Who would have thunk Renner had such a good sense of humor about his embarrassing childhood photos? Mind blown.

  10. Apparently, BB superheroes and bowl cuts just work. Don't question it.

  11. Would still hit it.

  12. Before she was Catwoman, she was just a freckled girl with an awkward hair cut and a case of too much birthday.

  13. Dear parents: please stop doing this to your (white) kids when you take them on vacation. Unless they're going to be "Suicide Squad" stars in the future, in which case, yes, absolutely keep doing it.

  14. Stephen Amell/Facebook

    Stephen Amell, you have failed this wedding.

  15. The former Sue Storm can even make those bangs look not-so-terrible. She must be a superhero IRL, too.


    OK, sure: Chris Evans didn't #TBT this one himself, the Internet found it. But this Mystery Date is the best find in human history, so we'd be remiss to leave it out, no?