Grab Your Head Key And Look Inside Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's Creative Process In 'Locke & Key' Unlocked, Part 2


Earlier this year, Locke & Key creators Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez met in Miami to work together, in person, on the ending of their award-winning, critically acclaimed comic series Locke and Key... For the first time ever. We were lucky enough to capture the moment(s) on camera, and can now share them with you - as well as a look into the creative process that makes their collaboration unique. And don't miss Part 1!

Watch: "Locke & Key Unlocked, Part 2

'Locke & Key' will draw to a close in October at IDW after a successful five year run, pitting one family against a house of mystery, a set of keys, and one evil entity who wants it all. The series was nearly adapted into a television series before ultimately getting picked up for as a feature film by Universal Pictures.

Creator Joe Hill's novel 'Horns' was recently adapted into a film from 'High Tension' and 'Piranha' director Alexandre Aja with Daniel Radcliffe in the lead; his novel 'NOS4A2' is on shelves now.