Supergirl's Identity Revealed! An Interview With George Perez's Model For Supergirl #8 and 9

By Jon Waterhouse

Atlanta-based cosplay enthusiast Alisa Farrington has a boatload of secret identities, Wonder Woman, Black Cat and even Ariel from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” among them. Yet it’s her Supergirl costume that’s been luring fans and con paparazzi faster than a flurry of speeding bullets.

Even a high profile friend and fan found inspiration in her take on Kara Zor-El. Comics legend George Pérez decided to use Farrington’s likeness as his inspiration for the title character in Supergirl #8, part of Supergirl’s New 52 incarnation.

Farrington has been donning Supergirl duds on the con scene for nearly a decade. During that time she fostered a friendship with Pérez as the two of them cross paths at various events. When Pérez landed the Supergirl #8 gig and decided to use Farrington as his muse, the model said she was beside herself.

“He told me to keep it on the down low for a long time,” she recalled. “That was kind of hard.”

According to Farrington, Pérez used her online photos as inspiration, giving Kara a facial and body style that Farrington’s friends will likely recognize.

As Pérez worked on the issue, he’d send Farrington glimpses and previews of the art. Pérez eventually sent Farrington the original cover art, complete with signature, as a gift. When it materialized on her doorstep, Farrington said she bubbled over with fangirl delight.

Now that word has spread about her Kryptonian connection, Farrington has been receiving some geeky attention, including autograph requests and a personal appearance at an Atlanta retailer on Free Comic Book Day.

Although she’s a full-time model, garnering a bit of celebrity through cosplay was never her intent.

“When I first started doing it, it was nothing but a completely nerdy, obsessed type of activity,” Farrington explained. “I never did it thinking anything about having fans or getting attention that way. ...I don’t think anyone should do it to become famous. Cosplay should be about having fun and a love for [the genre]. It’s a form of fan art to me.”

Yeah, she said she’d certainly jump at the opportunity to become a regular comic book model, but she’s not dwelling on it.

“I’m just happy I got one chance to do it,” she said. “If anything else comes along, that would be icing.”

Supergirl #8 is now available at select book and comic book retailers. Supergirl #9 goes on sale May 16.

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