Video Interview: MTV Geek Launches ACT-I-VATE's All-Ages Fantasy 'Farseeker'

Writer Dirk Manning describes he and Len O'Grady's ACT-I-VATE series, 'Farseeker' as a Bone-esque, all-ages fantasy story featuring an ensemble cast of diverse and exciting characters that is more than your typical sword-and-sandal tale.

It tells the story of a rollicking adventure set in a mystical world featuring eight quirky characters made up of humans and creatures alike. Among the group are Aed Farseeker our "defacto leader," a pair of zany, wise-cracking "Bug Brothers," a possible robot, a Dragoness and others.

Manning and O'Grady waste no time plunging the reader into 'Farseeker's' rich world, "We jump right into the action," Manning said, "the first page, you'll meet the eight characters, one panel each to give you some information on the characters, and then we go, by page four they're fighting a giant living mountain!"

One of the elements of 'Farseeker' that Manning is truly proud of is the fact that series is all-ages friendly, but he does not want potential readers to confuse that with "just for kids."

"This is a book that Len and I are really excited about because it is, ALL-ages. We have kids that have read it over at ACT-I-VATE that really love it, we have adults that are reading it that are loving it." He continued, "There's definitely things in there that the kids will enjoy, a lot of laughs and gags, but there's a lot of also, I don't want to say social commentary, but there's also a lot of commentary for adults as well."

When asked about bringing 'Farseeker ' to MTV Geek, Manning said, "We're going to do a couple tweaks to the original story, some little things that maybe we want to change a little bit. We're going to break the first 22, 23 page chapter into four parts...we're going to run it every week on Thursdays, for four weeks, at the end of the fourth week...on Friday May 13, we're going to start running chapter two, over at ACT-I-VATE." he added, "It's giving us a chance to bring 'Farseeker' to a new audience. We know the MTV Geek crowd is just going to love it!"

Read Farseeker, Part 1 right here and check back every Thursday for the next four weeks for a new adventure!

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