TouchTunes Virtuo Jukebox Brings New Features, And A Camera?

Having a wide variety of music available to us when we’re out at our favorite bar or restaurant is a must and I’m sure many of you are familiar with TouchTunes digital jukeboxes, but it looks like they are stepping up their game with the TouchTunes Virtuo.

This isn’t your father’s old jukebox and it clearly isn’t trying to be. Designed for TouchTunes by Frog Design, this new digital jukebox looks to be the iPad of jukeboxes and sports some pretty unique features. Obviously, it works the same way any jukebox would -- put in your dollar and you can listen to any song of your choosing -- but Touch Tunes doesn't stop there.

The Virtuo features a 26” HD touch screen and TouchTunes has apparently revamped the entire user interface in an attempt to simplify menu navigation for those times we’re… a little under the weather. It will also let you sign in with a MyTouchTunes account and compile our very own customizable play lists for those long nights out with the gang. New search features have been added as well. If you’ve been singing that song all day but can’t seem to remember what it's called or who it's by, that’s OK. The Virtuo will let you type in some of the lyrics and will try its best to find the song you’re looking for!

Another unique feature is the HD camera Virtuo sports. If you and a friend are standing in front of the jukebox and can’t decide what song to pick… take a picture! The onboard camera is also capable of video recording, which seems like a little much for a jukebox but it could be fun I guess.

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