Harrison Ford Explained His 'Star Wars' Injury By Ripping Han Solo's Pants Off

Show us on the doll where J.J. Abrams hurt you.

For a guy who's been promoting "Star Wars" for basically his entire life, Harrison Ford has a truly remarkable gift for making the franchise feel fresh... and weird.

Especially weird.

Ford was on "The Tonight Show" yesterday (Dec. 1), and let's just say that he became rather agitated at the mention of director J.J. Abrams -- who (at least according to Harrison Ford) was actually instrumental in the injuries he sustained on the set of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" last year.

And in case you needed reminding, those injuries were severe. Harrison Ford demonstrated exactly how the whole painful incident went down, using a little Han Solo figurine as a prop.

Spoiler alert for shocking violence, because little Han loses both his leg and his pants in the ordeal.