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13 Awesomely Bonkers Plot Points 'The Flash' And 'Arrow' Must Address In Its Crossover Conclusion

Don't leave us hanging on these Qs, Flarrow.

The first half of “The Flash“/"Arrow” crossover event was EPIC, but will The CW be able to land this ambitious narrative exercise with a satisfying conclusion? Answering some of these burning questions we have after watching the first part might be a good place to start.

Here are 13 awesomely bonkers plot points we really hope Flarrow addresses before the end of its crossover event...

  1. Will Oliver confront Sandra about their son?!

    On the one hand, dude has an immense sense of responsibility and will probably want to be there for Connor. On the other hand, he leads a dangerous life and might think bringing his son into it is a bad idea. (We hope he goes with the former instinct.)

  2. And how will this affect Olicity?

    There's a lot to consider re: Oliver's secret love child. And we really do care about Oliver's more general emotional state and everything, but how will this affect Olicity?!

  3. Will Barry tell Patty his secret(s)?

    This seems like a plot line that might be addressed during next week's episode of "The Flash," but if we were Patty, we'd probably want immediate answers.

  4. What else can Vandal Savage do?

    We're still not really clear what this dude's powers are — beside throwing knives and not dying. Now that he has the magical staff, let's see some moves. Also, was he really friends with Houdini?

  5. Will Rip Hunter make an appearance?
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    We're kind of just waiting for this dude to pop up any moment. He is more of the world of "Legends of Tomorrow" than most of the other crossover characters - but we want to see Arthur Darvill's charming face.

  6. Will we get to see Kendra fly again?

    We better.

  7. Will Cisco and Felicity get a second chance to high five?

    They deserve a second chance.

  8. Where did Barry learn to draw like that?

    We get it: he has super speed. But no one said he could also draw. This subject NEEDS to be explored further. Let's devote the entire second half of the crossover to Barry's artistic pursuits. Who's with me?

  9. Why is Malcolm Merlyn in town?

    Because that guy is always up to something, and he kept popping up, henchmen assassins in tow.

  10. Will Wells convince Barry to use Velocity 6?

    Again, this seems like something that might be addressed on a future ep of "The Flash," but — with a mega-villain like Vandal Savage in town and the gang in Central City — it could come up.

  11. Will Thea try to kill anyone else this crossover?

    Guys, this is a recurring problem. Even in an episode filled with plot points, Thea's necessity to kill made it in. #Worried

  12. Will Jay experience any side effects?

    He's too pretty to die!

  13. Will Damien Darhk appear in part two?

    Probably not, given that it will take place in Central City. Butcanheplease? His reactions to The Flash were HILARIOUS.