Presenting MTV's Grossest Moments Of 2015 (Grab A Barf Bag If One's Handy)

Warning: This isn't for the squeamish.

Why is it that watching gross things is so fascinating? Whether they're funny, shocking or stomach-turning, we can never get ourselves to look away from the action. Thankfully, MTV indulges our need to ogle all that creepy goodness.

Since 2015 was packed with our kind of sickening shenanigans, we've compiled the absolute grossest moments in gross-itude from this year. Keep your arms and legs inside the list at all times, and remember not to vomit on your device:

  1. Doing A Split, "Scream"

    This scene was utterly disgusting but also impossible not to watch. Guess you can say we're of two minds about it.

  2. The Human Bloody Mary, "Middle Of The Night Show"

    Never. Drinking. Tomato. Juice. Again.

  3. Lydia's Tongue, "Teen Wolf"

    Does anybody have an eye bleach they can pass us?

  4. The Snake Wine, "Follow The Rules"

    Why -- how -- who would...snake wine? What?! NO, JA. DON'T DRINK SNAKES.

  5. We have a theory that television is trying to ruin all beverages for us forever.

  6. How Not To Handle A Penis, "Girl Code"

    Please, never ever do this to a man -- even looking at that stuff being done to a vegetable hurts.

  7. Getting Cheeky, "Broke A$ Game Show"

    Anyone have mouthwash they can pass us? Or a mint?

  8. Killer Party

    Ugh, help us clean up our house party before our parents get home? Bring Luminol.

Are you too squeamish for this kind of fun? Let us know where you fall on the nausea spectrum in the comments section -- and check out more of the best stuff from 2015 at MTV News!