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7 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Person You're 'Just Hanging Out With' Or Whatever

You don't even have to put a label on these.

You guys aren't a couple yet. You're not even a thing -- but you're not nothing, either, which means you should probably get them...something for the holidays? If you've recently started seeing (?) someone during the most awkward gifting time of the year, consider some of these fun, noncommittal presents:

  1. A USB drive filled with music

    Clear off an old thumb drive and load it up with some of your favorite songs, and voilà! A no-cost gift that allows you to sneak in some of your favorite make out jams.

  2. A lottery ticket

    Write in the card "Looks like you got lucky." You're welcome.

  3. A souvenir from a shop in your hometown

    Did you grow up around the Maine's oldest bait shop? Pick him up a hat from there when you're back visiting your parents. This is a relatively casual gift that also allows him to get to know you better.

  4. A flirty DIY thing

    You could try getting crafty with a pair of homemade undies like these, or just take a selfie in a cute dress and put a holiday caption on it. Keep it PG-13, though!

  5. An unusual date

    The holidays are the perfect time to organically transition from a "whatever" to potential coupledom. Spring for tickets to an outdoor ice skating rink or a concert, and keep your eye out for mistletoe.

  6. A cool shirt from a thrift store

    This gives you a chance to showcase your creativity and discerning eye, all while making it clear that you don't care, like, that much.

  7. Nothing

    Seriously. If you're not his girl, he's not a must on your gift list.