5SOS Reveal Their Original Fifth Member

James Corden revisits the band's past.

By Paige Gawley

Who knew our favorite pop punk group had such a torrid past?

When 5 Seconds of Summer appeared on "The Late Late Show with James Cordon" Monday night, Cordon's hysterical ousting from the band was shown in a truly wonderful six-minute mockumentary.

Cordon was obviously super invested in the group, calling the guys his "brothers." He even referenced one of our favorite '90s flicks when he said, "They look at me the way Julia Roberts looks at Richard Gere in Pretty Woman — ‘You saved me.'”

The fairy tale didn't last long because when Cordon got "drunk on power and alcohol" his bandmates decided that it was time for him to go. Cordon wanted to vote out Luke, but luckily, for the future of the band, Calum, Michael, and Ashton didn't let that happen.

Cordon didn't take the news of his removal from the band well and even resorted to stealing some things from Calum, whom Cordon considered his "best friend," while Calum insisted, "I don't even have his phone number!" on his way out.

The guys were apparently able to leave the past in the past to appear on Cordon's show and we are so thankful that they did. 5SOS went on to perform "Hey Everybody" and, as you'd guess, it was spectacular. See for yourself below!