Watch Taylor Lautner Do Backflips On Command And Remember Why You Love Him

Yep, we're still Team Jacob.

What has famous teen heartthrob and sexually-frustrated werewolf Taylor Lautner been up to in the aftermath of the "Twilight" saga? For one thing, he's definitely been keeping in shape.

Taylor was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night along with the rest of the "Ridiculous Six" cast, where he proved that his crowd-pleasing abilities have most definitely not waned in the years since "Twilight."

For one, he's still basically the nicest guy ever -- as confirmed by his castmates, who repeatedly busted into a chant of "MVP!" in response to anything Taylor did or said.

But also? He can do flips on command. And to prove it, he did one right there. On the studio stage. And yep, it was phenomenal. Watch the magic unfold below.