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9 Signs You Turned Into A Full-Blown 'Hamilton Head' This Year

Apparently it is not normal to request a show tune at the club.

Theater history apparently has its eyes on way-more-than-a-triple-threat Lin-Manuel Miranda. This year, he blew us all away when he dropped the important, inventive, and insanely catchy musical that is "Hamilton."

Here are 9 signs that this year will go down in the books as the one when you developed full-blown "Hamilton" fever.

  1. You've realized this is what all politicians are basically doing with their campaigns IRL.

    "Talk less, smile more."

  2. You cannot stop dancing during history class.

    Your teacher really shouldn't bring up the Compromise of 1790 if they don't want you singing about the "Room Where It Happens."

  3. When a corporation gets away with nonsense because of their lobbyists, all you can think is, "It must be nice/Must be nice..."

    "To have Washington on your side." Ah, yet another example of the brilliance of Lin-Manuel's double entendres.

  4. You're not a broke f-up. You're destined for greatness.

    You're just like your country: young, scrappy and (come to think of it) really hungry. Maybe your roomie has some extra EZ-Mac.

  5. You are physically incapable of reading the name "Alexander Hamilton," without adding a "My name is."

    Or tacking an exclamation point onto "Lafayette!"

  6. You keep your friends close and your frenemies far, far, away.

    You'll totally give up your shot at being stabbed in the back, thanks.

  7. You use the word "Helpless" to describe feeling head-over-heels happy.

    You know you do, you do, you do.

  8. You are so not having it when some ignorant person tries to say disparaging things about immigrants.

    Hi. Meet America. It was made by immigrants.

  9. You. Are apparently. A musical theater person.

    You suspected it might be the case back when you tried three times to win the "The Book of Mormon" ticket lottery. Considering you can't stop listening to this soundtrack one last time... it's undeniable now.