‘Supergirl' and 'Jessica Jones’ Stars Prove That Female Superheroes Don’t Have To Compete

Why can't we all get along like Krysten Ritter and Melissa Benoist do?

For the first time ever, TV-watching nerds have not one but two female superhero leads to watch at the same time: the tough-as-nails Jessica Jones and the peppy, heartwarming Kara Danvers on "Supergirl."

However, the big question on most of the Internet's mind isn't, "How can we make sure that even more women are given their chance to shine?" Instead, you see a lot of people going, "Which of these two female superheroes is better?" Which is just bleh, if you ask us.

Obviously, everybody's tastes are different and you can have a preference for one over the other. But pitting "Supergirl" and "Jessica Jones" against each other just because they both star female leads is un-chill for a whole host of reasons, especially because women are too-often forced to compete needlessly against each other for media attention when there should be plenty of room for everybody.

So instead, let's all take a page from the actual stars themselves and celebrate that both these amazing women are getting an opportunity to tell superhero stories -- starting with Krysten Ritter, AKA Jessica Jones, who took to Instagram last night to praise her friend and fellow crime-puncher, Melissa Benoist.

"Had a second to get caught up on my non #jessicajones TV and wanted to give a special shout out to my girl @melissabenoist!" she wrote. "I've been a big fan of hers since she first landed in LA. I met her early on when I was casting a show that I was producing and it was clear even then, fresh off the boat, that she was poised to be a big star. I'm so proud and happy for her for landing a part that she totally shines in. Funny, strong, adorable, and radiant! Congrats fellow superhero lady! Much love! ??????????❤️"

Benoist, who is basically an adorable puppy dog in human form, responded today (November 30) with equal levels of support and cuteness on her Twitter:

Ah, my heart! Women supporting other women is actually my Kryptonite. I am powerless against it.

So there's your answer to the question "who's better, Supergirl or Jessica?" -- they're both the best, and they're better than all of us. Keep up the good work, you two!