Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic;Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle/GC

Britney Spears Dancing To Adele's 'Hello' Is Perfectly Hypnotizing

Hello from this endless pirouetteeeeeeeeee.

We already know Britney Spears is a huge fan of Adele (and vice versa), and while we're "patiently" waiting to fangirl over the eventual photo of these two queens of the music charts together, Brit has provided us with a nice little teaser to tide us over.

Behold, thanks to the magic of Instagram (and an unnamed video editing app), the ever-impressively-twirling Britney, soundtracked to Adele's "Hello":

It is oddly hypnotizing, no? Britney captioned the video: "I could dance to this song a MILLION you @adele!" Spoiler alert: we've already given it twice that many replays...yet somehow the ability to pirouette a-la-Britney is not a skill gained by visual osmosis.