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Reese's Peanut Butter Trees Don't Look Like Trees And The World Demands Answers

The latest in the War On Christmas.

Now, in "Why Do You Care About This When There Are Actual Atrocities In The World?" news, people are pissed off at their peanut butter cups. That's right. Reese's oddly annoyed its customers when its seasonal peanut butter trees apparently did not look enough like real Christmas trees.

First Starbucks takes winter Clipart off of its iconic red holiday cups, and now peanut butter trees look like little chocolate poops. What's next? Santa gets a glitter beard? "Jingle Bell Rock" gets mashed up with "Hotline Bling" and "Hello" to create "Hotline Blingle Bell-o Rock" Ft. Pitbull? The world is falling apart, people.

Relax. Your peanut butter and chocolate, in any shape, is still going to be delicious. And here are some other things that are still perfectly shaped like Christmas trees!

Like this Christmas tree!

And this! A Christmas tree!

And behind that car being driven by a teddy bear! Christmas trees!

And all these Christmas trees!