Rashida Jones And Jimmy Fallon Transformed Taylor Swift, Drake And Rihanna Into Holiday Songs

'Bitch better have my stuffing.'

Rashida Jones and Jimmy Fallon transforming the year's most popular songs into holiday medleys is quickly becoming our favorite annual Thanksgiving-ish tradition, and this year they gave us an extra helping of gratitude because YES.

Rashida popped into The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (Nov. 26) to treat the crowd to another one of their time-honored tune-tinkering sessions, and this time some of the songs that got the holiday makeover from the dynamic duo were Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood," Drake's "Hotline Bling" and Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money."

Somehow we suspect Tay wouldn't have any "Bad Blood" with Rashimmy -- their 'ship name, obvi -- over her song becoming a riff on the post-Thanksgiving hangover because the lyrics are too good.

"‘Cause now the turkey is all done/ the pumpkin pie was awesome/ now it’s time to take naps ‘cause/ everybody is mad stuffed." That's absolutely delicious right there.

Watch and wait for the moment when Silentó's "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" finally becomes the mashed potato ballad it was always meant to be and then when Queen Latifah jumps in and drops the beat and then Eric Nally from "Downtown" rides in on a freaking Santa sled and ... well, just watch.