'Black Panther' Movie 'Would Be An Honor' For Djimon Hounsou

Black Panther

by Ryan Rigley

A while back, before "Guardians of the Galaxy" was announced, there were rumors running around that Marvel Studios had plans for a "Black Panther" movie set to come out in 2014. But with James Gunn now set to direct "Guardians" and Joss Whedon with everything else, it seems like a movie starring Wakanda's greatest hero has once again fallen through the cracks. However, all hope is not lost. In a recent interview with Djimon Hounsou, who voiced T'Challa on the "Black Panther" animated series, the "Special Forces" actor expressed great interest in reprising his role for the silver screen.

"Oh man. It would be an honor," Hounsou told MTV News on the matter of a "Black Panther" movie. "I really think that it really transpires into all of the stuff that I’ve been wanting to do and I also dream about doing."

He added, "It definitely is a great story and 'Black Panther' would be quite amazing. But it needs to be done right and it needs to be done as well as the other ones." The actor was referring, of course, to the rest of the highly successful movies currently under Marvel's belt, chief among them being "The Avengers."

"We see superheroes left and right and this is a superhero that was also created in the likeness of African Americans and Africans," Hounsou stated. In fact, the Black Panther was actually the first black superhero to ever appear in mainstream American comics. Hailing from the fictional African nation of Wakanda, some have deemed a "Black Panther" movie "too out there" due to Wakanda's highly advanced weapons and technology.

"I think as far as Africa is concerned, you really have to create a fictional country and that country is a character within the story as well," Hounsou said in defense of Wakanda. "You can’t go to Congo and say 'Oh, let’s make it Congo.' Congo is a war-torn country and it’s not stable! Not like the west."

"I think there’s a huge audience out there who can’t wait to see 'Black Panther,'" Hounsou elaborated on why the film should be made. As for whether or not he'll wind up in the role? "It’s left to Marvel and there are a lot of great actors out there ... but I think definitely it would be an honor to be asked to do that."

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