Chloe Moretz Explains Why She Supports Emma Watson's #HeForShe Campaign

'I really respect her for what she did.'

"The Equalizer" star Chloe Grace Moretz is very open about her feminism. She's spoken about the need for equal pay, movies with female leads and better parts for women.

And in an interview with MTV News, she wholeheartedly threw her support behind fellow actress Emma Watson's #HeforShe campaign.

"That was amazing," Moretz said of Watson's speech. "I'm definitely a feminist so I was very happy with the way that she put it out there."

The comments of so many women in the film industry, she said, actually hurt the cause for gender equality.

"There are so many actresses out there that have gone against feminism and said like, 'oh, I don't believe in it,'" Moretz said. "I really respect her for what she did."

Check out the clip above for more of Moretz's thoughts on Hollywood's gender inequality issues.

"The Equalizer" is in theaters now.

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