Neil Finn's House To Get Crowded With Radiohead Members, Vedder

Former Smith guitarist Johnny Marr also playing early April shows in New Zealand.

It'll be a crowded house indeed when Neil Finn takes the stage in New Zealand next month for a series of all-star gigs set to feature Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder and members of Radiohead as special guests.

The former leader of pop group Crowded House will share the stage of the historic St. James Theatre in downtown Auckland for a five-date run (April 2-6) that will celebrate the release of Finn's second solo album, One Nil, which is slated for international release April 9. No U.S. release has been scheduled.

In addition to vocals from Vedder, guitarist Ed O'Brien and drummer Phil Selway of Radiohead will join Finn, as will former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr and former Soul Coughing bassist Sebastian Steinberg. Other guests include Tim Finn, Finn's brother and former Crowded House/Split Enz partner, and singer/songwriter Lisa Germano on vocals, piano and violin.

"The concept for these shows is to invite friends whose music I admire to collaborate with me in presenting a week-long musical extravaganza which I optimistically expect to be a blast," Finn said in a press release announcing the shows.

"Given a bit of preparation time and careful planning, it should go far beyond the sometimes token nature of one-off all star shows."

All of the guests are slated to perform along with Finn for each of the concerts.