Tyrese Gibson Pleads For 'Luke Cage' Movie: 'I've Got My Headband Ready!'

For a superhero who made his debut wearing a tiara, Luke Cage certainly has a lot of fans — and a lot of people campaigning to play him on the big screen.

Thsi year alone, we've seen actors Isaiah Mustafa and Idris Elba pitch themselves for the role of Marvel's steel-skinned powerhouse, with Mustafa going so far as to create a cool video package featuring himself as the character. And it was almost two years ago to the day that Tyrese Gibson told MTV News he's eager to take the role, too — and apparently, he hasn't given up hope.

"Listen, to Marvel: this is Tyrese Gibson. Get it together. Let's go ahead and shoot this comic book," he told MTV News at the premiere of "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon."

"Luke Cage is one of the original Marvel characters. Show some more respect," he continued. "Go ahead and get some traction going on Luke Cage."

And lest you think he's not serious about the role, Gibson reiterated that all he's waiting on is the paperwork. In fact, he's already got his headwear picked out.

"I'm ready. I've got my headband ready, baby," he laughed. "What's the problem, officer? Go get it!"

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