'Red' Producer Offers More Details On Sequel Plans

Way back in January, we got word that a sequel was in the works for "Red," last year's well-received adaptation of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner's comic book miniseries. After all, Helen Mirren is on board for another go-around as one of the greatest secret agents ever to wield a sniper rifle, so why not?

When MTV News snagged some time with "Red" producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura at the "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon" premiere, we asked him about his plans for "Red 2."

"We're trying to put it together," he told MTV News. "We just got a script and it's really good. We're all just now discussing how to put it all back together again."

"You know, it's so much fun to work with that much talent," said di Bonaventura of the first film's star-studded cast — which included Mirren, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, and Richard Dreyfuss. "It's amazing how much people love that movie. It's caught us all off guard a little bit. We're all very proud of it, but it's over the top how much people love it. We want to go back and play with those characters, because it was so much fun to do it.""

As for what form the sequel will take, the producer indicated that fans can expect to see a mix of familiar faces and new characters in the sequel.

"I think the audience would be disappointed if we didn't bring back the crew, but we've got to freshen the crew," he explained. "We'll bring in one or two characters that'll play a really big part — maybe three, but definitely one or two."

"You know, Marvin and Frank and Sarah, you want to spend more time with those guys," he continued. "Sometimes there's a tendency to want to do too much of a good thing so you don't really service anything, so we're really trying to stay focused on our core crew with one or two new additions."

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