Playing Arseface In 'Preacher' Would Be 'Awesome,' Says Shia LaBeouf

Back in March, "Preacher" director D.J. Caruso surprised a lot of comics fans by dropping the names of a few well-known actors he'd like to cast in the long-awaited adaptation of the gritty Vertigo comic book series.

Along with naming "Star Trek" actor Chris Pine as his choice for main character Jesse Custer and "I Am Number Four" star Alex Pettyfer as Saint of Killers, Caruso mentioned "Transformers" franchise actor Shia LaBeouf as someone he'd cast as the horrifically scarred Arseface. With that in mind, MTV News made sure to ask LaBeouf about the role during the "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" press junket.

"I love the ['Preacher'] comics," LaBeouf told MTV News. "I think Arseface would be awesome."

Still, that doesn't mean he's a step away from playing the role. In fact, he's still not certain where his future lies after Michael Bay's "Transformers" franchise wraps up with "Dark of the Moon."

"I'm still a hired gun," he exaplained. "I don't know what I'm going to do next."

LaBeouf added that, while he's seen a few pages of the "Preacher" script, John August's adaptation is still very much a work in progress.

"He's got a couple of pages he sent, but no full script yet," said the actor.

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