'Thor' Actor Tom Hiddleston Says Loki's Helmet Fried His Brain

Although we've seen a few images of "Thor" actor Tom Hiddleston in costume as Loki, Thor's villainous adopted brother, we've yet to see a good, high-res image of him in the character's iconic horned helmet — not officially, at least. (Anyone able to attend the Marvel Studios panel at Comic-Con got a good look at Loki as comics fans know him best, and others got a look at him in the "Thor" trailer that leaked online a little while ago.)

When MTV News had a chance to sit down with Hiddleston, we asked him about the familiar horned helmet Loki is known to sport.

"It was extremely hot, because we were all wearing a lot of armor — we were wearing leather pants and breastplates and shoulder plates and bicep plates, and the cape was very heavy," Hiddleston told MTV News.

"So you're hot anyway, and then you put on what I called the steel balaclava — the horned, steel balaclava — and all the heat that's coming through your body that would normally get out through your head can't get out through your head," he continued. "So my brain would slowly fry. And sometimes that would really feed what I was doing. I would be going kind of mad in there."

According to Hiddleston, that also meant that when the time came to remove the helmet, it was more than just a physical relief.

"When I would take it off at the end of a scene, it would be like really letting the scene go," he said.

As for the look and tone of the costume, Hiddleston said you don't have to stretch to understand what sort of role he'll play in the film.

"You've got two big horns and... the imagery is satanic," he said. "People who don't know the comics as well, I've shown them the pictures . . . and they say, 'You're playing the devil. Your'e playing an incarnation of the devil.' And he is the Marvel agent of chaos."

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