Which Parts Of Mickey Rourke's 'Iron Man 2' Character Did He Add? (Hint: More Than Just The Bird!)

So at this point in the "Iron Man 2" promotional push, we've seen Iron Man's new armor, Black Widow's catsuit, and War Machine's guns. We've also seen Whiplash's whips, workshop and pet bird, and...

Wait, hold on... His pet bird?

With the bird seen in several "Iron Man 2" images alongside Mickey Rourke's villainous character has become somewhat of a conversation topic among fans, MTV News made sure to ask the actor about it during the recent "Iron Man 2" press junket. According to the actor, the bird wasn't the only aspect of his character he came up with and pushed for in the film.

"I bounced these ideas off [Jon] Favreau. He had to fight for me to be okay with the teeth and tattoos and the bird," said rourke. "Everything was a little bit of a fight, but once I justified it, Favreau had to go to the powers that be."

Fortunately, Rourke said he found much support for his character tweaks among the film's creative team.

"The Marvel people, who could have easily said no, they said yes — because they trusted Jon, and Jon trusted me," he said.

"Robert [Downey Jr.] was very supportive with the choices I made, because he didn't want me to f--- up his movie," he added.

And it was this willingness to let him make the character his own that encouraged him to give the project his all and make Whiplash a memorable character.

"Because they were so positive and brave in letting me make the choices, I felt a due diligence to break my ass and work as hard as I could," he said.

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