'Watchmen' Slips To #2 At Box Office, Pulls In $18M Second Weekend

'Watchmen'Despite impassioned pleas from its screenwriters and an expletive-laden counterpoint from geek comedian Patton Oswald directed at the film's detractors, "Watchmen" couldn't manage to draw the crowds back again during its second weekend of wide-release, slipping to #2 at the box office and pulling in a mere $18M overall -- a 67% drop from its first weekend's gross.

However, despite the rollercoaster plunge in ticket sales, "Watchmen" continues to turn a profit, pulling in an overall domestic take of $86M over the course of its 10 days of release thus far. However, as industry analysts have pointed out, the film faces an uphill struggle to turn a profit -- let alone break even -- but Warner Bros. execs remains optimistic.

In a story recapping this weekend's box office news, The New York Times -- while pointing out that a 67% drop was much bigger than most analysts expected -- quote Warner Bros. President for Domestic Distribution, Dan Fellman, as saying, "There’s been a history of movies that take a big hit in the second weekend and then settle in and do just fine. Overall I like what I see."

Disney's "Race to Witch Mountain," starring Dwayne Johnson, took the top overall spot this weekend with a $25M opening weekend.

Did you check out "Watchmen" again this weekend? Do you think the film is a misunderstood masterpiece, or the first flop of '09? Let's hear your opinion in the comments.