Geoff Johns 'Would Love A Crack At' Writing Live-Action Superman, Flash Movies

Superman and FlashNow that he's done "Smallville," comics scribe Geoff Johns told MTV he wants to take a flying leap and do more adaptation work of his favorite comics... much more.

"I love the DC universe," he professed -- which is no surprise to comics fans, of course. Johns has either written himself or had a hand in the scripting of many of DC's most popular series, events and reboot projects of the last few years.

If "Smallville" extends into a ninth season, he'd love to write for that, he told us. If the CW had gone ahead with plans for "The Graysons" television series he would have been happy to write for that, too. But if the Superman or Flash filmmakers would just knock on his door, "I would love a crack at Superman or the Flash for a feature," Johns said. (And he already has Richard Donner in his corner for the Man of Steel.)

According to Johns, he has tons of ideas to share... but with them, not us.

"I'd rather keep my ideas in a drawer, in case I get a chance," Johns explained. "But I would love to be involved. It was my dream job to see the Legion come to life on 'Smallville,' to get to work with the director, to work with the actors, and I would love to do do more of that, just to introduce more DC characters to the world."

Johns said that by doing more adaption work for TV or film or video games (such as he's doing for DC Universe Online), you'd be exposing the characters to a much larger audience than the comic book readership ever could.

"You get to capture the magic and get that on film and show other people," he enthused. "If I could do what I did with 'Smallville' on a bigger level, and bring it life beyond the comic books in various ways, that would be my dream."

And it's not only the top-tier characters that he'd want to expose. Some of the more obscure ones, like "Metal Men," are already on his plate (he'll be executive producing that one with Lauren Schuler Donner -- but more on that later). But more than just the characters, Johns is interested in "the mythology and the morality and the hope" of the DC universe, he said. At Marvel, the heroes are more "grounded and gritty."

"The Hulk is smashing through buildings," Johns said. "DC is just a different place to be. The DC Universe represents overcoming your fears and doing the right thing. It's like you can't wait for the heroes to come, and you cheer when they fly, and they're epic and huge. So to get something out there about how wonderful and how vibrant and how many different layers they have, that would be something to show."

What do you think a Geoff Johns version of a Superman film would be like?