Alicia Keys Talks Up The 'Real' Superwomen, But Would Rather Be 'The Invisible Woman'

Alicia KeysAt least according to her latest single, Alicia Keys is "Superwoman" -- "Still when I'm a mess, still I put on a vest, with an S on my chest, oh yes, I'm a superwoman," she sings.

And according to her video, superheroes don't need to have superpowers. A superwoman can be an astronaut. A businesswoman. A tribal Somali who supplies her family with fresh drinking water. Or even a welfare mom, taking care of two children but also going back to school. "She's a superwoman because it's hard to do all of those things," Keys previously told MTV News when we visited her on set of the video shoot.

But more to the point, Keys thinks there's a superwoman (or man) in all of us, and when she held her annual Black Ball on November 13, it was to encourage everyone to find their own hero within. "I'm hoping we touch every person in there," she said Thursday, "to find the possibilities that we all have to help each other. I want to make them feel warm and fuzzy and loved, so that we really touch people and do something that's important."

All that work (which benefits Keep A Child Alive) to save the planet, one child at a time, requires a lot of visibility on Keys' behalf. She holds her annual charity events, she records beneift songs -- like "Don't Give Up (Africa)" with Bono -- she visits orphanages and clinics in Africa to promote care for children with HIV and AIDS (just see her documentary "Alicia In Africa" to get a sense of the scope of her involvement).

But while that visibility can help, sometimes, she wishes she could escape. If only she had a real superpower -- one that would be closer to the Fantastic Four than Superman. "I would like to become invisible, you know?" she told us. "There's just something about being invisible. You can really see the truth about people."

Keys promised Splash Page she would only use her power for good.

Could you see Alicia Keys playing Sue Storm, Supergirl/Superwoman, or Wonder Woman?