Christopher Reeve's Son On How To Make The Next 'Superman' Movie: 'Just Be Original'

'Superman'There were a lot of things wrong with the last Superman movie -- but the filmmakers did manage to find an actor with an uncanny resemblance to the late Christopher Reeve. Was casting Brandon Routh a good thing? Does that honor Reeve's memory?

Not necessarily, said Reeve's son Matthew, during a recent fundraising event called "A Magical Evening" to benefit the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in New York. Matthew, along with his sister Alexandra and younger brother Will, do a lot of work to honor the actor we all think of as the Superman by aiding fundraising efforts to cure paralysis.

The Foundation's raised $20 million so far, and on Monday, proved the money is going to good use by showing how they've helped one soldier, Lt. Reinaldo Gonzalez, recover. Told he would never walk again after coming home from the war injured, he actually walked on stage at the event. That is what honors Reeve, who in the hearts of his biggest fans, his three children, can never be replaced.

"As far as we're concerned, there's only ever going to be one Superman," Matthew laughed.

So instead of worrying whether they should keep Routh or try to cast yet another actor who looks like Christopher Reeve in the upcoming reboot, Matthew suggested that Warner Bros. focus more on the story this next time around.

"There were lots of plot lines established, and it was very faithful to the original Donner films and sequels," he told us, "and I'd be curious to know how some of those plot lines in the last one will be continued or abandoned. If you look at 'The Dark Knight,' that was a phenomenal movie, and hopefully they can do something as good with the next version of this one. It could be."

Matthew's advice, then, was this: "There are lots of fans of the comics and the films my dad did and the new one, and you can never please everyone. So just be original and creative and exciting, and I'm sure it will be successful."

What do you think Warner Bros. should do with the next Superman film? Should it be darker? Should they bring Brandon Routh back? Should it be an 8-hour epic? Let us know in the comments!